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Who are we?

Scarlet & Shaylene met nearly 3 years ago at a photoshoot, and immediately hit it off. The first thing that we bonded over was our dedication to professionalism. The second thing was when we discovered we were both Scorpios, the same age with a 5 day difference, and had moved to our city at the same time. We dug a little deeper and realized we had both had our first professional photoshoot at just about the same time too. Destiny!


Now, 3 years and thousands of photoshoots, hundreds of modeling tours, and countless creative projects later, that work ethic we originally bonded over is still the driving force in our business, and all that we do. We have worked very hard and expanded our joint business ventures in many directions, and we do so with pride, because we genuinely love what we do.


Scarlet and Shaylene. Two Scorpios, best friends and professional model-preneurs, living life on the road and taking over the world one creative project at a time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

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